A Letter to my Husband…Part 1

OK. So let's start at the very beginning.  Well not the actual beginning.  In truth I had met you casually a few times when out with the Optom crowd.  You were pretty much the only one of Ed's friends I liked.  But when I first met you, you were leaving for Europe and I was … Continue reading A Letter to my Husband…Part 1

Long time comin’

Wow, I knew it had been a long time but hadn't realised it had been ten months since I posted.  Not surprising really when I have been a year back in the grip. Any original readers will know that my sobriety wheels blew off after my 40th.  No-one, except a very special aunt, gave a … Continue reading Long time comin’

Day Zero

An update: SPOILER...some good some bad... I've been im Der Schweiss about 6 weeks now.  Already it feels like home.  I fucking LOVE my job.  The kids are settling into school well.  Mr B is finding it hard I think.  He got what he always asked for...no work...but it's not easy being a stay at … Continue reading Day Zero